Extreme Snowmobile Traction Studs

Introducing the Eagle Claw™ from BIG STUDZ LLC

The Eagle Claw™ from BigStudz LLC is simply the most aggressive, innovative snowmobile traction device to come out since the stud was invented. The Eagle Claw™ three stud backer features lightweight, high quality aircraft aluminum construction and is proudly made in the USA. US/IPC Patent # 9096284

Read on for a full description of this awesome snowmobile traction stud innovation.

Product Description, One Hole, Three Studs:

A new twist on snowmobile traction studs – the Eagle Claw™ backer from BIG STUDZ LLC in DePere Wisconsin. For starters, there are three studs per backer. Only the center stud mounts to the track, so there is only one hole in the track per backer plate.

Instead of having all the traction studs protruding straight up, only the center stud is mounted straight the other two are mounted at a slight outward angle and pitched slightly forward for superior “bite” on takeoff. You can mount either standard carbide studs or flat bladed ice chisel studs into the Eagle Claw™ backer.

Eagle Claw™ Advantages:

Easy On / Easy Off Installation:

The Eagle Claw™ is easy to install providing three studs with a single track hole. Watch the Easy Install Video.

Awesome Traction:

The Eagle Claw™ delivers a revolutionary traction advantage. We’ve engineered the safest snowmobile stud traction product in the industry. The Eagle Claw™ improves safety by shortening braking distance and reduces fishtailing by keeping the back of the snowmobile straight and firmly planted in the snow. Basic physics vastly improve takeoff, cornering and stopping performance.

big studz eagle claw traction backer

Unlike similar traction products, the Eagle Claw™ prevents track windows filling up with snow which could otherwise make the sled go sideways or roll into oncoming snowmobile’s, trees or immovable objects. The Eagle Claw’s™ improved traction increases driver safety and confidence which is great for both weekend family rides or hard core snowmobile racing.

Other advantages of Eagle Claw™ traction studs:

  • snowmobile traction studsSuperior Handling.
  • Improved Fuel Mileage.
  • Reduced oil consumption.
  • Less wear and tear on your sled during takeoff and stopping.
  • Reduced driver fatigue though improved cornering stability.
  • Longer lasting studs than other snowmobile stud products.
  • Improved traction for driver safety.

High Quality Durable Construction:

The Eagle Claw™ backer plate is made of high-quality T6061 aircraft aluminum and machined on a 5-axis CNC machine to retain full strength of the alloy. Not pressed or forged. Incredibly durable. In fact testing has shown that by using the Eagle Claw™ triple system that each studs placed under less load and last longer so the entire traction system benefits from added durability.


The Eagle Claw™ stud backer with all three studs and center mounting nut weighs in at a mere 2.8 ounces for the complete unit. Our competitor’s back, studs and nut weigh in at 4 ounces each. Complete track kits weights are provided on the product detail pages in the shop area.

 Made in the USA

We are proud to say our products are “Made in the USA”.
The innovative Eagle Claw™ design is protected by United States and International patent #9096284



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